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Horse Vaccinations



Horses Travelling From Home


Any information contained in this text is up to date at the time of publishing but from time to time jockey club rules may change, please check for up to date information on This link.


It is extremely important that horse vaccinations are carried out on time especially if your animal is competing.  If not then your animal will be excluded from competitions and may also be restricted from sites where competitions take place, including Pony Club Camp.


The sequence of vaccinations (to comply with the Jockey Club Rules) is as follows:


1.                  At a minimum of 5 months of age an initial vaccination for Influenza and Tetanus

(Abbreviation = IE-T)

2.                  4 6 weeks later (minimum 28 days, maximum of 42 days) another IE-T vaccination.

3.                  6 months later (maximum of 215days) another IE-T vaccination.

4.                  12 months later (maximum of 364 days) an Influenza only vaccination (IE).

5.                  12 months later (maximum of 364 days) an IE-T vaccination

6.                  Every 12 months your horse must be vaccinated (within 364 days).  The vaccine alternates. IE one year and IE-T the next.



Horses staying at Home


If your horse is not competing, travelling or mixing with other horses Tetanus only may be sufficient.  Please discuss this with your veterinary surgeon.


1.                  If mare is vaccinated, then the first vaccination against Tetanus at a minimum age of 3 months.

2.                  If the mare is not vaccinated then the first vaccination at 2 3 weeks.

3.                  4 weeks later another Tetanus injection.

4.                  Every 2 years thereafter another Tetanus vaccination.








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